Healthy and happy children in Uganda enjoying their rights

Who We Are

Concern for Children and Women Empowerment (COFCAWE) is a national non-government organization established in 2006, and formally registered as an NGO by the NGO Board in February 2007 with Registration No. 5457. The organization is currently located in Jinja, Busoga sub region and its main work is to empower women and children and people with disabilities in rural communities of Uganda.


Healthy and happy children in Uganda enjoying their rights


Empowering in and out of school children with special focus on teenage mothers with socio-economic skills and health education through participatory methodologies for improved well-being.

What We Do

COFCAWE aims at promoting gender equality, child protection, and economic empowerment of teenage mothers in Uganda. Our work is aligned along three core program areas (CPAs): Child and Family Sexual Reproductive health, Economic Empowerment of out of school children especially teenage mothers and Child rights Promotion based upon which we serve all children and their communities irrespective of creed, color or political affiliation. COFCAWE works in the districts of Iganga, Kamuli, Buyende, Jinja, Mayuge, Bugiri, Tororo, Busia, Namutumba and Luuka.


— Child and Family Sexual Reproductive Health

By improving the state of physical, mental and emotional well-being of children, in hard to reach areas. We intend to provide them with opportunities to become as productive as possible in order for them to achieve their greatest potential.



— Economic Empowerment

This program area focuses on improving the wellbeing of Teenage mothers through economic empowerment. The key outputs include; increasing access of teenage mothers to credit through VSLAs, financial literacy among teenage mothers and livelihood skills development among teenage mothers and out of school youth.


— Child rights Promotion.

It’s known that gender-based violence prevails in our societies, and this affects women, men and children that are abused physiological, physically and emotionally and this leads to economic and education deprivation.